Manual Nose Hair Trimmer

Product Name: Nose Hair Trimmer
Material: 304 Stainless steel
Color: Silver
Weight: 36g
Size: 3x1.5x5cm(Length*Width*Height)
1.Small volume, convenient to carry, and safe.
2.The use of long as soon as possible, without grinding blade.
3.Cut disassembly instructions as soon as possible, more thoroughly clean the dirt of after use.
4.Printed LOGO as soon as possible, the industrial design elegant, exquisite combination between components.
5.Stainless Steel products manufacturing experience, as soon as possible, the world's leading is unique.
6.Do not insert the device further into your nostril or an ear hole than the narrow tip on the outer blade Also,do not press the trimmer forcefully into your nostril ,or ear hole .Do not attempt touse the device  if the outer blade frame or blade are deformed or damaged ,as injury to your nostril or ear hole may occur .This trimmer is designed only for cutting nose or ear hairs.Do notattempt to use it for any other purpose .The blades have been precision not subject them to excessive force ,impact ,etc.
7.If used once a week for approx .1 min at a time ,the life of the blades is approx 3 years .

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